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Engineering Consulting Services

Acuity's professional staff of engineers and consultants routinely determines the origin of failure and cause of damage related to a wide variety of breakdowns or events for our broad base of public and private sector clients nationwide that include property owners, managers, insurers, builders/developers, architects, lenders and attorneys.

Acuity ensures that each individual assignment is assessed based upon the varying circumstances and pertinent facts that we obtain during our investigation. This information is utilized to ascertain what happened, why, and to a degree when the even occurred, whereby we then formulate an unbiased opinion for our client. Years of experience and specialized knowledge, in conjunction with technical resources are combined to uniquely qualify us in delivering accurate, understandable and impartial reports. Our professional engineers are licensed in Minnesota and Florida.

Acuity is a leader in the field of Building Diagnostics and provides additional services such as Rooftop and Cladding Assessments, Infrared and Indoor Air Quality Assessments, and Microbial Sampling.